Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A hard week

This week has  been a little disappointing, but I am not getting discouraged!!

Our baptismal date said that he doesnt want to get baptized because he doesnt want the responsibility and he is not ready to leave the world. He doesnt want to stop drinking coffee. We tried to explain but nothing helped. He will be ready one day. He literally said I will not be baptized. That sucked. 

I got a really bad cold, which turned into something worse, but I am doing better now. But that just made the week harder. People wouldnt listen to us, people didnt go to church, and for some reason the people that we knocked on their doors were more rude than normal. 

But I learned a lot this week. I was listening to the talk missionary work and the atonement and I know that these weeks are must haves on the mission. Thats how our testimony of the atonement will grow. A mission is not supposed to be easy. And the only way to be humbled on a mission is to have these weeks. Missionaries are representatives of Christ, and we cant be that if we dont know just a LITTLE of the pain he went through. It was never easy for the most perfect man to ever live on the earth, so why would it be easy for me?

So maybe it wasnt a good week for the missionary work. We didnt find any elate people, and no one was baptized. But it was a week where my testimony grew. And for that I am thankful, but I am defiantly praying for a better week this week! I am looking forward to transfers next monday. I know that whatever happens is what is supposed to happen, so I am good either way, If I stay or if I leave. Just got to trust in the Lord because he will send me where he needs me!

But in other news, I Hit my 5 month mark this week!!! 13 months left. We had interviews with president which was fun. I tried dragon fruit and chicken heart for the first time. It rained a TON! And it is getting pretty cold in my area. 

Thats it until next week!! Thank you for all the prayers, I love you all!!

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Sister Ostler

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