Friday, December 23, 2016

Week Two!!

I made it to week two! This week lots happened. First shout out to all the people writing me letters! Its my favorite part of the day when the DL brings in the mail. 

We had a surprise devotional on Tuesday. I was sitting with my district when ELDER HOLLAND WALKED THROUGH THE DOOR!!! I LITERALLY STARTED TO CRY! It has been my dream to see him speak and the spirit was sooooooo amazing. He talked about mission work and I swear the talk was just for me (even though I was in a room full of missionaries, I know) It was broadcast to all the MTCs through out the world and it is a talk that will only be seen in the MTCs. Also shout out to mom because she wrote me a dear elder that day and that is the only paper I had so I took all my notes on it. Life saver mom. My dreams came true this day. He shared Alma 26:27. Look it up. i now read it every morning.

The piano guys came and performed last night. They were awesome. The spirit was amazing. (not as good as Holland though) and the music was beautiful. 

I have two funny stories for y'all. 

1)  I got a new teacher! But now out of our 9 hours in the classroom studying 6 of those hours we have two different teachers who speak only Portuguese to us. It really has gotten hard and I always have a headache because my brain is working to hard to keep up. Its very difficult but I will get there eventually.) Anyways back to the story. It was our last lesson with the investigator and we gave him a scripture to read about the Godhead. We told him to read John 5:7 and handed him the scriptures with it open in Portuguese. He read it and was super confused. We couldn't understand what the scripture said when he was reading it because it was in portuguese but I thought he was Just playing like he was super confused so I just kept trying to explain it by saying "Deus, E Espirito Santo, e Jesus Cristo Seperado" After like LITERALLY 5 MINUTES OF THIS we realized he was supposed to read 1 JOHN 5:7. It was hilarious. He broke character and just started laughing. 

2) So our investigator Gabriel (we have taught him like 5 lessons in Portuguese) Became our teacher! The same guy in the story above. Anyways it was like 2pm and we have had a teacher all day and I was exhausted. i had been fighting falling asleep for the past hour and I gave in and fell asleep on my desk. next thing I know my PMG is flying across the room. I had jolted awake and my arm had a spasm ( best way to describe it) and I literally flew my book across the room. I was so disoriented because everyone was laughing and i didn't know what was going on and apparently my Teacher Irmao Coehlo was in the middle of bearing his testimony. It was soooooooo embarrassing but looking back now it is hilarious. 

last thing. I cleaned the temple this morning!!! It was so weird because it was so empty but I got to help clean the chandelier in the Celestial room!! Each crystal has to be individually cleaned and it was soooooo cool

The food here is nasty but today I got I got Mcdonalds french fries today and it was amazing!!!

Eu te amo!!! Tchau!! 
Sister Ostler

Monday, December 12, 2016

Sister Ostlers First Week!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Sister Ostlers First Day!!


I made it to the MTC! I don't have much time to talk. I got all my books and name tag. My name tag says ostler-goff but they are fixing it for me! I am in a trio companionship with Sister Fullmer and Sister Hansen. I haven't met them yet but at least I know their names! My room is on the 4th floor and no elevator haha. Its going to be fun! I miss you all already but I am very excited. I love you all!

Sister Ostler

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Welcome to Sister Ostlers Blog

Sister Kenzie Ostler has been called to the Brazil Piracicaba mission, reporting December 6th, 2016. My name is Megan Ostler and I will be posting her weekly updates on this blog. If you would like to email Kenzie her email is new updates coming soon!