Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sister Ostler gets her visa!!

Sister Ostler has an interesting encounter with a squirell...

Sister Ostler has her two month mark in the field!

Long week!
I got a baptismal date!! Yay!! Elizabeth on March 11th. She is amazing and I love her so much. 

Still no visa. Bummer

Next week I will be emailing on tuesday! Thats when our P-day is so look out for the email!

I had my 2 month mark yesterday!!! we celebrated by taking shots of Gatorade and eating lime Popsicles. 

I was super sick this week. I couldn't hold food down and couldnt sleep. My DL came and gave me a blessing which helped a ton. But FUNNY STORY. When they anointed the oil the Elder poured the WHOLE THING ON MY HEAD ON ACCIDENT! everyone couldnt stop laughing. haha

I got a curse put on me by some crazy Armenian woman so that was fun.

Knocked into two naked people and an old man that wanted to do very inappropriate things to us and he yelled them as we ran away. super fun.

Also while knocking yesterday there was a band that was just curse words over and over again in one of the back yards so we got to listen to that for two hours! lol the joys of a mission. 

I taught a lesson in Portuguese!! We found a Brazilian and I got to practice! I have missed Portuguese. It was a blessing. 

Well until next tuesday!! Tchau!

Sister Ostler

Sister Ostler