Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Kenzie recieves an award!

Ola minha familia e meu amigos!!!

This week has been a great one!!! 

We had a multi zone conference where we were taught how to baptize every week!! I am very excited to put the things I learned to use. I also received my missionary in excellence award!! It is a program through our mission where you have to memorize a bunch of scriptures and principles and then you pass all these things off with a leader and you are then eligible for the award, and I got it!!!! they are also starting to do our conferences in english!! My president wants all the Brazilians to learn english so this is a way to make them do it!

I have a baptism this saturday. Iris! she is so awesome. It was a miracle how we found her. It was through a contact on the street that the person didnt want anything to do with us but then we asked if there was anyone that he knew that needed a prayer and he pointed to this one house and said that a lady was sick there and she needed help, so we went, and here we are!! Shes getting baptized!!!

I finally bought luggage! We went to Campinas last week and bought it there. It was a fun trip outside of the mission!!

I had a funny experience there some guy I went to visit started praying in a crazy language that was not Portuguese and I almost burst into laughter. But it was like 10 minutes and he yelled the whole thing and all i could feel was sorry for him that he doesnt have the true church in his like, and that he has to have prayers like that to try to feel the spirit in his life. 

I talked to my family yesterday because I wasnt able to for mothers day. It was so good to see them and know that they are all okay.

Until next week!! I love you all and I just want to remind you all to keep doing the little things


This is true happiness my friends

Sister Ostler

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