Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Breno gets baptized!

A week of miracles!!

BRENO GOT BAPTIZED!! He is my first baptism that I have found and Baptized the person!!! I am so happy!! It was such an amazing experience, and now he is so involved in the church activities!!! It makes me so happy.

I got a package from my grandma and grandpa Goff for easter! Thank you so much, It made me so happy. 

We had a mission tour where the 2nd counselor of the young women came and talked to us! She didnt speak portuguese so there was a translator and it was way cool to realize that I could understand everything in english AND portuguese!!! so cool

We have another baptism this saturday, Anderson, but he needs all the prayers he can get. He is nervous that he is not ready, but he knows that everything is true!

I started an english class!! It is so fun! So fun to teach english and feel like I actually know what I am talking about!! very fun. 

We stopped and watched some people fishing. They were all just using sticks with string!! Way cool that the people here have so little but still make due and have fun. 

Thats it for this week!! Love you all

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Sister Ostler


Sister Ostler

Milagre (miracle) Week!

Sister Ostlers Passed few Weeks!

Wow, saying that this week was crazy doesnt even begin to cover it!

Tuesday I went to piracicaba to get the results of my test. I was really worried that they were not going to have an answer, and that everything has just been in my head. Well, the doctor read the results of the endoscopy and I HAVE A BACTERIA!! I never thought I would be so happy to hear those words! In short this bacteria is really hard to find and I probably got it from something I ate when I first got to Brazil.  I have to take a ton of medication for it too. For 7 days I have to take 8 pills a day, then for the next 28 days I have to take one a day. I am just happy that after 5 weeks of being in pain I finally have an answer!

We have transfers tomorrow! I am staying in my area Hortaladia but getting a new companion! That means I get to lead an area and I am so excited about that! Lots of responsibility but it will be good

We had a baptism on saturday! It was so amazing and I am so happy. Daniela is amazing. 
In short the gospel is true, and it is the same all over the world! And members are amazing and support us missionaries with so much!

Much love,

Sister Ostler

New week, new transfer, new companion!

This week was a lot of knocking on doors. We had 6 investigators come to sacrament which was great but we had one of our investigators drop us which was hard. 

I have learned a lot this week! God is always there for us. I promise

My companion is great. She is from el salvador, but lived in Idaho for a while. She speaks english! She is soooo hilarious I love her

Not much else to repórt. GOd speed. 

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Sister Ostler

Sister Ostler is sick but is sick but is waiting patiently


Another week has passed. That is soooo crazy!! 

Conference was amazing. I have never focused so hard or been so excited for conference.  We watched it at a stake center and I got to watch it in english with a couple other american missionaries. This chruch is true is all I can say about it. Amazing

The transfer ends in one week!! I am going back to piracicaba tomorrow to get the results of the endoscopy. then I have a baptism on staurday!! Hopefully all works out goes smoothly. 

I have grown such a love for my mission president and his wife. I have spent a lot of time in their home this transfer and they are such amazing people

Portuguese is clicking more and more every day! I ant believe how much I am starting to understand. It is still weird to me that I speak a different language

the food here is absolutely amazing!!!!! Holy cow I dont think I have eaten any bad food yet. Sooooooo good. 

I hit 4 months on my mission!! Wow time is flying but at the same time going so slow. But I am loving and learning and growing every minute of it

I forgot my adapter for pictures so I will send some next week!

thats all for this week folks!! Love you all more than you can know. 

God speed

Sister Ostler

Sister Ostler