Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Kenzie marked a baptismal date!

Another week has come and gone!!!

This week has been really great! 

First........ WE MARKED A BAPTISMAL DATE WITH IRIS!!!!!!! She is so awesome, but has problems still, so please keep her in your prayers that she can stop drinking coffee. But shes so awesome

My English class on Saturdays is so successful!!! We had  almost 20 new people come this week! We ran out of chairs!! It is kind of scary teaching english when I dont even know Portuguese but everyone just laughs at me and its really light hearted an fun. FUN FACT in the schools here when they teach the days of the week in english they pronounce Firday as free day. Everyone was so shocked when i told them thats not how people say it hahahahahaha

I have been struggling with the language this week. I am able to understand a lot but speaking is still a struggle. I was teaching a lesson and I taught the first vision and I thought it went really good but when I finished our investigator said he didnt understand anything, so I got really discouraged, But I know this is how I will learn and grow, and when I look at my progress it is immeasurable.

The atonement is real. Use it in your lives. If you leet it, it will not only help you, but carry you through your life.

Thats all I got!!! Love you all

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